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When Evaluating New Technology Partners for Your Practice, Look for Professional Loyalty First

Posted by Dawn Brolin on Dec 5, 2022 6:59:24 AM

Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect event is coming up fast and will be EPIC! I cannot wait to see all of my friends and colleagues, share some new insights in my sessions there, and check out what’s new in the QuickBooks app and solution ecosystem to see how I can further advance my firm and help others do the same.

There are always new companies introducing new solutions. But I think it’s equally (if not even more) important to learn about what your current solution providers are working toward. Being loyal to your core tech stack is not only smart from an operational and efficiency standpoint (tried and true is better than new and unvetted, in my opinion), but it is vital for building mutually beneficial relationships. 

At any event where technology providers are showcasing their solutions, think about not only the tech but the relationship you have with the apps you use regularly. Also, consider their loyalty to our profession.

Here is what I mean by loyalty, which I believe is a two-way street: 

  • Consider their investment in our professional community from development, presence, support, and time. 
  • For the providers you work with, are they developing their technology continuously so you can grow with them? 
  • Are you working with apps that are consistently present at industry events? These companies are paying to sponsor, bring their staff, and interact with the community, which shows they are here for the long haul. Of course, not every company can be at every event but pay attention to those you see regularly vs. those that pop up with a booth at a big event.  
  • When they become part of our community, they truly become partners. Do your technology solution providers offer partner programs that pay commissions for client referrals? Are they invested in our success?  
  • These programs are fabulous because they don’t cost your clients anything—and they can put some extra money back into your bottom line! If you aren’t sure if they have one, ask!  
  • Do they provide support from onboarding to the actual usage, so you don’t have to worry about implementation or troubleshooting alone? Are they available to you to answer questions promptly? 
  • Does your solution provider ask for feedback? Do they want to hear from you and take your input seriously regarding improvements in what they offer? 

    The points above are why I remain loyal to many of my technology partners in the Starting Lineup. Of course, I always want to keep reassessing my success in terms of the technology that supports my firm, but I also want to make sure I don’t break what is working or the special relationships I have with my “trusted and true” solutions.  

    Finding technology we trust that works for our clients and us is worth its weight in gold. Loyalty to apps makes sense when you know what works for you and your clients. Do you agree? Let me know; I'd love to hear from you! 

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