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How to Deliver Growth Opportunities for CPAs and Accounting Professionals With Marketplace Platforms

Marketplace, consignment, and eCommerce may seem like a timeless convenience—but the fact is that they began humbly in...

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Cloud Technology: Ending the Staffing and Security Crises (Part 1)

The more I learn from the accounting profession, the more I realize that the disillusionment with emerging technologies...

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Open to Change

Transformation requires energy, and when effort is wasted on the negative, there is no reserve for the positive. In the...

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Cannabis Rescheduling at the Federal Level—What to Expect

This topic has surfaced just this month. Wow, how long has it been out there?

In the United States, the Controlled...

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Woodard®️ Top 50 Client Accounting Services Award Firm Spotlight: Blue Cypher Bookkeeping

In the dynamic world of accounting, the Woodard® Top 50 Client Accounting ServicesPractice Awards serve as a beacon of...

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