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Demystify Financial Projections: Historical Trends Point to the Future

If you took a history class, the teacher likely told you that to understand the present and future, you first need to...

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What Clients Really Want in Advisory Services

Many accountants are seeing their roles evolve far beyond crunching numbers and generating financial reports. Clients...

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Pricing and Packaging FP&A Services

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) services go beyond traditional accounting functions, offering businesses...

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5 Tips to Improve Your Financial Storytelling

Crafting a narrative around financial data transforms complex figures into a relatable story.  


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The Role of the Fractional CFO

In today's dynamic business world, financial leadership is indispensable for the success of organizations, big and...

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2023: The “Year of the Skilled Advisor”

In the tumultuous economic climate of 2023, businesses are looking for more ways than ever to save. These days, small...

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Financial Storytelling Starts with Authentic Relationships

A great question to start with as you think about delivering CAS in your accounting firm, actually has nothing to do...

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Understanding Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Their Crucial Role in Consultancy

Economics, a broad and complex field, is instrumental in understanding how societies manage the age-old problem of...

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Multiply Your Profits by Maturing Advisory Services

What do we mean by advisory?

Advisory, or client advisory services (CAS), are two of the biggest buzzwords in the...

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