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Why Accounting Practice Management Software is Key for Accounting Firm Growth

While many different companies can be well-positioned for growth, accounting firms are among the businesses best cut...

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Adventures in e-Commerce Inventory, Part 2

This is a follow-up to an article previously published in the Woodard Report. Read part 1 here.

One of the reasons I...

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The Ethical Dilemma of ChatGPT in Accounting (as written by ChatGPT)

Written by ChatGPT with commentary by Heather Satterley

Note from the Editor: Considering the ChatGPT craze, I thought...

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Considering a Tech Change in Your Firm?

Hopefully, last year was a year of learning and business growth. As you prepare for success this year, it's time to...

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4 Microsoft Word Features That Will Save You Time!

Working on the computer over the years, I have often thought back to when we used to type on a regular old-fashioned...

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Adventures With ChatGPT

If you've been paying attention to the news, you may have heard about this neat little AI experiment called ChatGPT....

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Five Windows 11 Shortcuts You Need to Know

It’s funny. We get so used to doing things the same way every time, it’s easy to miss when something super cool comes...

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Why you need revenue accounting automation

Revenue accountants are essential to the financial management of many types of industries- really, just about any field...

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Xero and QuickBooks - Bank Coding Differences

There’s been lots of talk about the differences in bank “reconciliation” between Xero and QBO. In Xero, bank...

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