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Jackie Meyer

Jackie Meyer
Jackie Meyer, a 40 under 40 honoree since 2018, is leading the way by passionately advocating for practical and efficient solutions that improve the profession as a whole. As founder of a CPA firm owner herself (2010 - 2022), Certified Concierge Accountant training programs, and SaaS platform TaxPlanIQ (AICPA 2023 Accelerator Cohort), Jackie is uniquely positioned to share insights and best practices that can help transform accounting firms. Her approach is grounded in The ROI Method(tm), which emphasizes a change in pricing modules to better align with client value, as well as addressing the cultural and workaholism tendencies that can lead to burnout and turnover. Through her work, Jackie speaks to tens of thousands of accountants each year, sharing what is and isn't working in the profession and offering transformational solutions to help firms thrive in the face of these challenges. She also leads a vibrant Facebook group of "Accounting Firm Influencers" who continue these discussions on a daily basis, sharing ideas and driving change in the profession. With Jackie's leadership and expertise, the future of the accounting profession is bright and full of opportunity. Want questionable humor and occasional bouts of wisdom? Follow her @jackiemeyercpa on most platforms.
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