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Are You Working In Your Genius Zone?

Michelle Mitchell
Posted by Michelle Mitchell on Mar 8, 2023 8:18:18 AM

It is easy to get stuck in a rut while working, but true success and satisfaction come from pushing the boundaries of your comfort level and delving into your “genius” or “excellence” zones. While both involve doing things that are outside of our current skill set, they also differ in how we approach them. Working in one's genius zone involves exercising creativity and pushing beyond what has been done before, while excellence zone activities are more focused on performing well within the parameters of expertise.

Three zones of genius

In The Big Leap, authored by Gay Hendricks, explores the idea of the three zones of genius. The first zone, referred to as the Zone of Excellence, is a place where we feel comfortable in our skillset and where it is easy to stay. This zone is safe and familiar, but it can also prevent us from reaching our true potential and maximizing profits in our business.

The second zone is the Zone of Genius. This is the area in which we are most capable and have the greatest potential for success. In this zone, it's easier to think creatively, come up with innovative solutions, and develop new strategies while taking calculated risks. It's also important to recognize that our genius doesn't lie in an area that's already mastered — it lies in our capacity to explore uncharted or unfamiliar areas and push ourselves beyond what we already know.

The third and final zone is called the Zone of Mastery. This is when someone has achieved mastery within their field through hard work, dedication, and consistent learning over time. It requires a combination of skillful practice and thinking outside-the-box in order to reach this level — but once you do get there, you will likely experience a feeling of satisfaction that comes from achieving something great.

Optimize your performance

It should be noted that all three zones are not mutually exclusive — rather, they are interconnected and integrated together for optimal performance. It's important to understand the value each one offers so that you can strategically move between them as needed in order to achieve success or reach your goals. Working within your zone of excellence provides comfort while staying in your zone of genius allows you to maximize profits; mastering your field means you have honed your skillset enough to use both effectively together simultaneously.

Unlock your true potential

The first step towards unlocking our true potential is understanding the difference between working in your “genius” versus “excellence” zones. The genius zone refers to activities that require more thought or creativity than those performed while operating within one's comfort level or present skill set; these activities typically involve pushing boundaries outside what has been done before. On the other hand, working within one's excellence zone involves doing things well that have already been done before; there is no need for creative thinking as long as you remain within your established parameters of expertise.

When you are operating your genius zone, one of the key benefits lies in your ability to drive innovation.   When you step out of your comfort zone, you will have more creativity to solve problems for your customers through innovation.  Innovation will ultimately lead to increased profits over time.

When you are innovative, you can stay ahead of the competition. The ability to introduce new products, services, or ideas before the competition can often give companies a competitive edge that allows them to capture more of the market share and thereby generate higher revenue. Additionally, innovation often leads to improved efficiency and cost savings through the introduction of new tools, processes, or even personnel; this in turn can result in reduced costs and increased profits. Finally, innovation can also lead to enhanced customer loyalty through improved user experience—higher quality products and services that are more tailored to customers’ needs will create happy customers who are likely to remain loyal customers for longer periods of time. All these factors contribute towards higher profitability in the long run.

Benefits of working in your genius zone

The benefits of working in your genius zone include driving innovation, which can often lead to increased profits over time. Innovative products, services, and ideas can give companies a competitive edge over their rivals by capturing more market share and generating higher revenue. By introducing improved tools and processes, efficiency is often enhanced as well as cost savings which result in more profit for the company. Moreover, customers whose needs are better catered to will be more loyal as they have been provided with higher quality products and services that meet their requirements. All these factors ultimately contribute to a business’s long-term success.

I personally discovered this when I first read the book The Big Leap many years ago. Prior to this I was operating within my excellence zone—I was an expert technician who was comfortable but not unique or different from the rest like myself. It wasn't until I embraced my genius zone that I began standing out from the competition and providing value to my clients on a deeper level which made me feel more fulfilled in return.

I highly recommend all business owners to challenge themselves by getting out of their comfort zone and accessing their genius zone—it brings joy, and personal satisfaction and could even lead to higher profitability if done right! Your uniqueness might just be what sets you apart from everyone else so don't be afraid to embrace it!

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