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What is Windows 365 PC?

Jefferson Keith
Posted by Jefferson Keith on Aug 26, 2021 12:51:20 PM

Accounting firms play a critical role in the financial success of their clients. Their analysis and strategies ensure companies correctly allocate resources to achieve growth and help individuals prepare for their future goals. While accountants must stay updated with the latest education requirements, industry resources, and market trends, it is also crucial that they adopt advanced solutions that increase efficiencies and provide clients an elevated experience.

Over the years, technology innovations have provided solutions to some of the most significant business challenges. We are currently witnessing a digital transformation as businesses migrate to the cloud, which the pandemic and shift to a remote workplace accelerated. The advanced features of cloud technology optimize business operations, enabling companies to streamline processes and create a more agile approach. Microsoft has further augmented the experience by building an operating system based in the cloud. With Windows 365 PC, users can stream their desktop across any device, creating an efficient, secure, and consistent experience. Accounting and bookkeeping practices will experience the following four benefits and succeed in the changing industry by utilizing this new solution.

Improved productivity and efficiency

A great way to improve operations and reduce overhead costs is by adopting innovative technology that provides automation capabilities. Automation removes several human touchpoints and eliminates outdated manual processes. Accounting firms will benefit significantly by implementing automation into their practice, as they handle many forms and documents that go through a thorough review and approval process. The technology will reduce the number of employees required to manage the operations, creating time savings that the accountant can use for more revenue-driving activities. Additionally, the streamlined and modernized processes resulting from the automation will enhance the client experience.

Through the capabilities and features of Windows 365 PC, accountants can optimize operations, improving their productivity and efficiency. Users can quickly and securely send, sign, and store documents in the cloud, enabling the firm to complete projects faster. And by removing multiple high-touch methods that reduce the number of people involved, Windows 365 PC increases accuracy by minimizing the chance for errors. The accountant will experience a reduction in overhead costs, and the time savings allows them to acquire more clients and complete additional projects.

Increased security

The shift to a remote workplace forced companies to assess their security measures and implement additional policies to protect their teams in a virtual setting. The focus on these enhanced measures will remain as we continue working in a virtual environment, with 32.2 million Americans projected to work from home by 2025. For accounting firms that handle sensitive information and must adhere to strict industry regulations, the need for advanced security is even greater.

Windows 365 PC takes a Zero-Trust approach to security, meaning it does not trust the infrastructure, users, or devices to protect companies from threats. Instead, it comprises several processes to protect them from cyber-attacks. The data and environment are stored in the cloud, removing the risk of someone physically breaking into an on-premise server or losing data to a natural disaster. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires users to verify themselves multiple times before granting access to accounts, platforms, and applications. And Microsoft Endpoint Manager protects work devices and offers conditional access policies, allowing companies to delegate specific user permissions. These practices are crucial to accounting firms as they adjust to operating in a digital world and their compliance requirements become stricter.

Higher return on investment

The ability for companies to evolve with the latest technology trends has benefits beyond operations. It can significantly impact their revenue and overhead costs, helping them achieve financial maturity. With ongoing technology advancements, legacy solutions become costly and can require hours of maintenance. Accountants that update their IT with the latest technologies and infrastructure will reduce expenses and the ongoing cost of upkeep.

According to Forbes, cloud technology reduces ongoing IT support by 55%, and return on investment (ROI) is 4.01 times greater than using on-premise solutions. When companies store data in the cloud, they no longer require their own expensive data storage centers. Through the monthly subscription model of cloud technology, companies can add and remove users as needed, ensuring no lost costs. When a software company fixes a bug through the cloud, all licenses are automatically updated, removing the need and expense of manual updates. And with Windows 365 PC, accountants have an affordable option and a price that never fluctuates. Additionally, if a company utilizes Microsoft 365 Business Premium, they already have access to Windows 365 and its enhanced features.

Become more agile

While the shift to remote work was a sudden adjustment, companies and employees recognize its many benefits. As we emerge from the pandemic, we will enter a new hybrid workplace comprising in-office and at-home team members. Companies should consider the changing dynamics of their clients who are also adapting to these changes. The way we share information has also changed. Instead of printing and physically signing documents, we send them through email, messaging applications, texts, and shared drives. Accounting firms that embrace the evolving workplace will benefit greatly and experience growth.

Windows 365 PC makes it easy to work from any location, and the ability to stream a desktop allows you to pick up where they left off while switching between devices. By removing the limitations of an office, accountants can work where they choose and expand their client base to new regions. This freedom will also attract top talent looking for a flexible work environment and improve retention rates. Windows 365 PC offers a simplified user experience and works on all PC, Apple, Linux, and Android devices. By adopting the solution, accountants will be prepared to pivot and achieve success in the ever-changing market.

The evolving workplace is driving the digital transformation of businesses worldwide. Accounting firms can prepare to capitalize on this great opportunity by embracing this evolution. Through the advanced features and capabilities of Windows 365 PC, accountants will transform their businesses and effectively grow their revenue. While the Windows 365 PC trial is currently unavailable due to high demand, the paid SKUs are available for purchase and offer several pricing and tiered options. With the number of remote workers expected to continue rising, the timing is perfect to start your digital transformation and experience the numerous benefits of cloud technology.

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