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Unstoppable, Thrive, Soar - DoMore®

Sam Saab
Posted by Sam Saab on Jul 6, 2022 10:58:18 AM

Editorial Introduction: The article below is so much more than a simple notice of the launch of a software solution in the United States and Canada. It is the story of how the many connections made in our community allow us to be unstoppable. It is the story of staring disruption in the face and then transcending and leveraging that disruption to thrive. And, finally, it is the story of choosing to soar.

It is the story of Sam Saab, and here is what he has to say...

Monday 20th June was a special day and a proud moment of introducing my DoMore® company to the Scaling New Heights (SNH) 2022 conference attendees on the opening day of that conference.

Background on WHY DoMore® was created

The 2017 acquisition of the Results Software company that my wife Mayya and I created in 2002 was a growth strategy – not an exit strategy! Unfortunately, by the end of 2018, the acquiring company shelved the ResultsCRM® product line in favor of another product they had later acquired and terminated our partnership. In early 2019, they also rejected my offer to buy back Results Software.

As I was not ready to retire and I still love what I do, I established the DoMore® company in May 2019 as a self-funded Dubai-based company and operated it globally to comply with my non-compete. The DoMore® company and its technology were created with the great help of Randy Johnston, co-founder and CTO of DoMore®. Randy has also been Mayya's and my mentor since 2009 – it is a special point of pride for me to have him as an instrumental part of creating and growing DoMore®. Together, we have made the technology decisions to design and build DoMore® perfectly and make it what it is today.

Background on WHY we wanted to launch DoMore® at SNH

Under Results Software, we sponsored the SNH conference from 2010 to 2018 and never missed a year. We have built great friendships in this awesome community. I am even friends with the owners of this community's two competing CRM products.

In addition, I have found a great friend and an advisor in Joe Woodard. Joe appreciated what we had built into ResultsCRM® and the commitment and respect for his organization and this community.

A stand-out moment for me was when, as a technologist and a thought leader, Joe referred to the integration that ResultsCRM® had built early on with SmartVault® by declaring, "It's a Revolution!" He interviewed Eric Pulaski (CEO of SmartVault at that time) and me at the SNH conference to discuss the first integration between two independent QuickBooks Add-on vendors. We built the integration in under 3-weeks and created a win-win-win for the two companies as well as all QuickBooks users. Joe still calls me by my Lebanese name, "Naseem/Nassim," as my family does.

After my partnership with the acquiring company terminated and their rejection of my offer to buy back Results Software from them, my 5-year non-compete prevented me from connecting with and discussing business with former Results Software partners. Long-term clients, as well as the QuickBooks and SMB/IT community, were advocates that I had known and worked with since 2002. Joe and the SNH community had no idea what I had been doing since 2019, and I was not allowed to tell them or show them the high-quality DoMore® product line and Platform we had built. With my recently expired non-compete, it is a special moment for me to come back "home" to such a fantastic community of great people.

DoMore® is now a thriving, employee-owned, 19-person strong, global company operating from three countries and six time zones. As of 2021, we now have three investors with minority ownership; two are good friends and are well-known by the SNH community; the third is my nephew, who wanted to be part of this personal journey.

Since 2020, DoMore® has been deployed globally under various brand names, delivering integrated Business Solutions with built-in CRM and Operations Management based on our DoMore® Platform. In addition, we also deliver specialty OEM solutions with functionality and integrations to serve various verticals and industries, with the unique business model of allowing the option of full IP ownership of the branded solutions.

We are now ready to continue that success in the USA and the Canadian markets.

Our first priority in the USA and Canada has been to replicate the successful master-partner-driven global strategy that we have launched in the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, and Australia. Therefore, we leveraged the SNH conference to introduce our Master Partner program and identify suitable candidates to represent the DoMore® Product Line and the DoMore® Platform in the USA and Canada.

Specific to this QuickBooks ecosystem, DoMore® has built-in bi-directional integration with all USA and international versions of QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) as well as QuickBooks Online (QBO) – making it the ideal Platform to deliver integrated and customizable business solutions for all QuickBooks users, anywhere globally.

Monday, June 20th was an emotional day filled with hugs and handshakes from wonderful individuals that I have missed terribly. We had great conversations. Many were impressed with what we have built and what they can do with DoMore® for their organizations and their clients.

If you were at the SNH conference, I hope you stopped by and saw us at our booth. Otherwise, you can find us on our website here. If you'd like to learn more about DoMore, you can watch the video overview here, We also invite you to complete our Partner Application here.

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