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TWR Podcast 68: Process Optimization for Accounting

The Woodard Report Team
Posted by The Woodard Report Team on Oct 12, 2023 2:58:13 PM

In Episode 68 of The Woodard Report Podcast, hosts Joe Woodard and Heather Satterley dive into two key topics to help accounting and bookkeeping professionals transform their firms - process improvement strategies and staying focused.

Satterley details the steps for optimizing workflows in an accounting practice: taking an inventory, mapping out processes to identify inefficiencies, and looking for opportunities to automate. She stresses the importance of ingraining continuous process improvement into a firm's culture.

The hosts discuss overcoming complacency, getting out of your comfort zone, and asking tough questions to stay competitive in a changing industry. Satterley references the movie The Greatest Showman quote, "comfort is the enemy of progress."

Woodard shares takeaways from Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers about how small differences in opportunities early on can give people an edge to become outliers later in life. This highlights the need for equity in society.

Both hosts emphasize taking focused breaks throughout the day to stay productive at work. The duo also share their favorite social media posts of the week!

Satterley spotlights a Woodard Report article on automating project management processes after mapping current workflows. This allows firms to take their process improvement strategies to the next level.

The key takeaway? Continuously improving processes and staying focused on the big picture are vital for accounting professionals to transform their firms in today's evolving landscape.

Listen to Episode 68 of The Woodard Report Podcast by clicking below to learn more ways to optimize your practice. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.



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