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Bob Hollander
Posted by Bob Hollander on May 14, 2021 1:09:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic compressed a decade of change into mere months. Working remotely is no longer an outlier, but a norm. Business leaders must now find ways to maintain productivity and control in remote working modalities.

For many finance and accounting professionals who rely on applications installed at their corporate offices, working remotely is not as simple as switching meetings to video calls. Finding a secure way to run accounting and business applications from home or other remote locations poses a significant challenge. A seasoned cloud hosting provider is in a unique position to solve this challenge and help you navigate the future of remote work.

What Are Hosted Accounting Services? Are They Secure?

Cloud technology has made it possible to untether ourselves from the desktop or local server. Now, business professionals and accountants have the option to securely access the same Sage and QuickBooks applications they are used to using at their corporate office from anywhere at any time and on virtually any device. 

Remote access to your accounting software ensures that your business continues to operate smoothly and efficiently without sacrificing security. When it comes to security, cloud hosting providers must meet compliance standards to ensure your accounting and business software is safe, backed up, and always available. You get what you pay for, so choose a service that provides redundant backups, firewalls, encryption, and enterprise-grade security controls. Hosting providers may also offer multifactor authentication (MFA) protocols for even greater security. Do your homework and ask the right questions to determine the right partner and level of security for your business.

How Difficult Is It to Stand-Up Work-from-Home Access?

Fortunately, moving to hosted accounting and business software can be done quickly and with minimal effort on your end. Unlike deploying servers, applications, and technology on your own, making the switch to a cloud-based accounting service does not require in-person tech support or even lengthy phone calls. In most cases, you use your existing software licenses with QuickBooks or Sage. This simplifies the process and has the added benefit of not having to learn a new software.

How Do Hosted Services Support Remote Work?

Flexibility is everything. Part of maintaining business continuity is making sure that employees can collaborate and maintain productivity without physically interacting with one another. Hosted services allow employees access to the applications and files they need while also enabling team members to collaborate. Additionally, if a client needs an answer a question after hours, it is readily available in the cloud. Securely log in from anywhere and have the information you need at hand. Cloud hosting makes that possible.

Managing finances and day-to-day operations using cloud hosting allows remote employees to continue their work in a secure environment without missing a beat. Remote access means your team can now operate at the same level of efficiency and security as if they were in the office. Switching to cloud hosting for QuickBooks and Sage sets your business up for success now and in the long run. 

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