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Intuit Q&A: QBO & Mailchimp Integration

Cathy Roth
Posted by Cathy Roth on Dec 1, 2021 3:57:24 PM

Last month, Intuit formally closed on its acquisition of Mailchimp. We reached out to Intuit to ask a few questions about the integration between the two products and Intuit's future plans for Mailchimp. Here are Intuit's answers. 

From Intuit: On November 1, Intuit formally closed on our acquisition of Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing platform for growing businesses that empowers customers to start and grow their businesses. With 13 million active customers and one billion emails sent through the platform per day, Mailchimp is a powerful new addition to the suite of Intuit products. Together, Mailchimp and QuickBooks will soon provide a powerful engine for small businesses to find, engage with, and retain customers by connecting the sales data within QuickBooks to Mailchimp’s marketing platform. Today, via an integrated app, Mailchimp and QuickBooks allow users to seamlessly manage some of the most important components of their businesses all under one succinct platform.

Is Intuit continuing the one-way integration between QBO and Mailchimp that started in July 2021? How many QB customers have imported customer records into Mailchimp?

Yes, Intuit will be continuing the one-way integration between QuickBooks and Mailchimp. Since launching in July of 2021, QuickBooks customers have imported more than 400,000 customer contacts into their Mailchimp accounts to use for customer segmentation and marketing. 

In the coming months, a key benefit of the acquisition will be a deeper integration, enabling the syncing of customer purchase data between QuickBooks and Mailchimp and tailored recommendations to help small businesses optimize their marketing efforts.

Currently, some of the great features of new integration include: 

  • Data import from QuickBooks into Mailchimp. QuickBooks’ customer data is seamlessly imported into Mailchimp, eliminating the burden of manual entry. 
  • Customer profiles. View timeline activities such as campaign engagement, transaction history, and total revenue to build customer profiles. 
  • Retargeting existing customers. Use purchase data or spend activity to organize contacts. Enable tags, segmentation tools, and automations to make less work for yourself, while you target your marketing more effectively.
  • Faster payments. Customers can instantly pay invoices online with a pay now button.

How can ProAdvisors and their clients currently see (and participate in) the one-way integration testing?

The one-way integration testing is completely free. ProAdvisors and their clients can visit the App page here to connect to their QuickBooks Online account with Mailchimp and begin using it today.

When will two-way integration take place?

In the coming months, there will be a focus on deeper integration, enabling the syncing of customer purchase data between QuickBooks and Mailchimp and tailored recommendations to help small businesses optimize their marketing efforts. We look forward to rolling this out to our customers to help strengthen their customer retention, make purchases more seamless and more.

When does Intuit anticipate launching the deeper integration that will allow purchase data to be synced?

We will be providing an update on this integration in the coming months and will be sure to share updates as the integration matures. 

Will any Mailchimp services be available at no charge to QBO subscribers?

Accountants are a top priority partner and providing access and preferred pricing to our products and services continues to be a key focus of ours. Today, you can continue to take advantage of Mailchimp’s free offering as well as take advantage of the free integration between Mailchimp and QuickBooks products at no cost. 

Has any decision been made on pricing for add-on Mailchimp services?

We are currently focused on deepening the integration between QuickBooks and Mailchimp, providing customers with more options to run their business, sync data, and optimize marketing efforts. We will be sure to share more information as we continue to find new ways to integrate both products.  

Will there be any integrations between Mailchimp and QuickBooks Desktop?

Right now, we are focused on maximizing the integration of Mailchimp and QuickBooks Online. We will be sure to share an update as our integration plans expand.

NOTE: Learn how bookkeeper Jody Linick set up and used Mailchimp in her QBO account to send a newsletter email to her active clients. 

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