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Blog Smarter, Not Harder with Copilot

Liz Scott
Posted by Liz Scott on Apr 2, 2024 1:59:03 PM

Having a blog on your website as an accounting firm or really any business helps with rapport and allows people to find your business on Google. However, diving into the blogging world can feel like navigating an uncharted cosmos, where writer's block looms as a threat and the quest for blog inspiration is as endless as the stars. Enter Copilot, your companion in this vast creative universe, guiding you to blog smarter, not harder.

To see it in action, check out this quick video:

At its core, Copilot is an AI-driven assistant tailored for bloggers and content creators. It harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to assist at various stages of blogging, from ideation to publication. These include idea generation, draft creation, SEO optimization, and more, making it a multifaceted tool for any blogger looking to elevate their content.

Idea generation and content creation with Copilot

Copilot helps you find sought-after topics that fit your style and please your readers. It digs deep to find new angles and ideas so your blog stays fun and interesting.


  1. 1. Open the Copilot chat and use this prompt: “You are an expert copywriter who writes detailed and thoughtful blog articles. You have a friendly tone of voice and a conversational writing style. Please intersperse short and long sentences. Utilize common terminology to enhance comprehension of the content. Please format the content in a professional format. Do not self-reference. Do not explain what you are doing. The blog article title is "AI Anxious and Curious.” 
  3. 2. Select send and review the output!

Scott_Copilot Blog IMG 1

Use Copilot to infuse content with your personalized brand

Maintaining a consistent voice and adhering to your brand's messaging are crucial in blog writing. Copilot can be tailored to embody your brand's tone, audience, and style guidelines, ensuring content alignment with your brand identity. As a language model, Copilot requires training with text examples reflecting your brand's essence through prompts and responses mirroring your desired style. Over time, Copilot matches your tone and style. Style guidelines, encompassing visual and verbal elements like tone, messaging, and aesthetics, play a pivotal role in achieving this coherence across all brand communications.

Here are some examples of style guidelines that a brand might have:

  • Tone of voice: The brand's tone of voice should be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, with a focus on collaboration, education, and creativity.
  • Messaging: The brand's messaging should be clear, concise, and focused on the benefits and value that the brand provides to its target audience.
  • Brand kit: If your firm has a brand kit you can reference it during the curation process.
  • Audience: Business professionals looking for how to incorporate AI into their business.  

Editing and proofreading with Copilot

Even the most experienced writers can benefit from a second pair of eyes, and Copilot serves as an always-available editor. It can suggest improvements in grammar, style, and tone, making your content more engaging and professional. Copilot can also help identify overused words, passive voice, and complex sentences, making your writing clearer and more accessible.

Use Copilot for SEO optimization

Getting your blog noticed is important. For bloggers, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for visibility. Copilot can assist in optimizing your content for search engines by suggesting relevant keywords, analyzing the competitiveness of topics, and advising on SEO best practices. This ensures that your blog posts are not only reader-friendly but also rank well in search results.


  1. 1. Open the Copilot chat and ask, “Can you improve this blog post for SEO? The keywords are AI, Copilot, Anxious, Curiosity.”
  3. 2. Copy and paste the entire blog Copilot previously wrote.
  5. 3. Select send

Scott_Copilot Blog IMG 2

Research and reference link assistance

Research is a fundamental part of creating authoritative and accurate blog content and it can be a daunting task. Copilot makes it a quick trip by summarizing information, highlighting key points from sources, and even suggesting links and references. This means less time searching and more time building your blog.


  1. 1. Open the Copilot chat and ask, “Can you provide any links to resources found on the internet?”
  3. 2. Select send

Scott_Copilot Blog IMG 3

Use Copilot to create social media posts

In today's interconnected world, social media plays a pivotal role in content dissemination. Copilot facilitates social media integration, amplifying your blog's reach and engagement.


  1. 1. Open the Copilot chat and ask, “Please make this into a tweet using hashtags. Use appropriate emojis.”
  3. 2. Select send

Scott_Copilot Blog IMG 4

Explore the possibilities with Copilot

With Copilot as my blogging partner, I can transform ideas into publications. The content universe is vast and rich and awaiting your unique contribution. With Copilot, you're not just keeping up; you're blazing a trail.

Get inspired by endless possibilities, optimize, and personalize like never before. Curious about more? As an indispensable ally in your creative journey, Copilot will guide your blogging to be more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable.

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