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Lori Sughroue

Lori Sughroue
Lori Sughroue initially learned bookkeeping at the relatively young age of sixteen, working in a small business owned by a family friend. There that she first discovered her knack for bookkeeping. Over the years, Lori has honed her skills across a diverse range of industries, seamlessly adapting to various software programs along the way. What truly sets Lori apart is her passion for working with people. She thrives on helping companies flourish, dedicating herself to collaborating on software and technology systems, refining processes, and enhancing internal controls. Her expertise shines in producing accurate and timely financial reports, thoughtful budgeting, and implementing strategies that optimize both time and resources. Away from the spreadsheets and financial statements, Lori finds her peace in the simple pleasures of life. She's an avid gardener, fitness enthusiast, and hiker. Reading, enjoying live music, and traveling with her husband are the activities that recharge her. They love exploring the vast landscapes far and near, visiting their large extended family, and escaping to scenic parks, beautiful beaches, and warm destinations, especially during the long, gloomy Michigan winters. Lori's blend of professional acumen and personal interests not only makes her a proficient accountant but also a well-rounded individual, bringing a unique and valuable perspective to everything she does.
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