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Dawn Scranton

Dawn Scranton
With over three decades of dedicated expertise in financial management and accounting, I am proud to introduce myself as a seasoned QuickBooks Advisor and a distinguished Certified Accountant. My journey in the world of finance began with a deep passion for numbers and a relentless commitment to precision. Throughout my illustrious career, I have been a trusted advisor to countless businesses, helping them navigate the intricacies of financial management. My proficiency in QuickBooks has been honed over the years, making me a go-to resource for businesses seeking excellence in their financial operations. One of my primary areas of specialization lies in the seamless integration of QuickBooks with various add-ons, streamlining and enhancing its functionality to suit the unique needs of each business. Whether it's e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, or inventory management solutions, I excel in optimizing these integrations for maximum efficiency. Moreover, I am at the forefront of the revolution in finance through Robotic Process Automation (RPA). My expertise in this cutting-edge technology allows me to design and implement automated processes that reduce manual workloads, minimize errors, and increase productivity. As a dedicated professional with an unwavering commitment to helping businesses thrive, I look forward to leveraging my extensive experience, accounting acumen, and mastery of technology to drive financial success for your organization. Your financial journey deserves an advisor who understands the past, embraces the present, and shapes the future of finance.
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