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Ask Robina - June 15, 2023

Robina Bennion
Posted by Robina Bennion on Jun 15, 2023 11:59:58 AM

Hi Robina!

I own a bookkeeping business and have a small team of employees. Between balancing client needs, running my business, and supporting staff, there is little time for me. When I do take time off, there is guilt instead of relaxation. Can you share what you or other people do?


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Hello Kelley,

Congratulations on having your own business and supporting a team of employees. Self-care isn’t always an easy balance and can be the first thing to go when schedules get full. Below are my Top 5 to help you navigate the waters as a business owner and infuse a little self-love into your business.

Self-care is Self-love

This can be one of the most important rules to remember. On the airplane, we are told to put our masks on first, yet in business, it can become the last act. Let’s not let the oxygen run out on your dreams. You are the owner, creator, and founder of your business, and that means everything flows through you. Ensuring that you are healthy, nourished, and rested means your business will be healthier, nourished, and ready.

Starting a new practice can feel like starting a new workout routine. Sneak in little sparks for yourself each day, and pretty soon, it will become normal.

Examples of little sparks ✨:
    • Book a massage and pay in advance.
    • Schedule lunch with a friend and ask them to keep you committed (no last-minute cancellations).
    • Volunteer for something you are passionate about.
    • Take 5 minutes for yourself. Put your phone on airplane mode and have a dance party. Moving the body feels so good.

Build "YOU" time into your calendar

Schedule YOU into your calendar, whether it be a few hours each week or an entire day. Even having a few hours to focus on emails can do wonders for the soul. Block off your calendar and keep your commitment to you. Sure, the only person to know if you don’t honor the time is you but that is the most important person.

Dollar Store excursion. When I need a little boost, a quick stop at the Dollar Store (or craft aisle at any store) is a great place to find a packet of star stickers. Whenever you do something for yourself, give yourself a gold star. See how many you collect in a day or week. Set a goal and reward yourself.

Seem silly? Life is too short not to have fun. ⭐

Take a Solo Retreat

Hands down, one of the most transformative experiences for me and my business was a solo retreat. The time varies, but the invitation list is small. Just me. No conferences, employees, family, or friends. Pick a location that will light your soul on fire. My recommendation: Limit distractions and find a wi-fi unfriendly place.

This time is to focus solely on you and what you want to create in the future for your business or career path. No getting caught up on busy work. Draw, journal, sleep, or swim. Do what fills you up. You deserve it.

Leverage Out-of-Office Responses

Emails can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have an administrative assistant to navigate them for you. There are a few options I have seen practiced, and you can modify to what feels comfortable for you.

Try an always-on response for all emails.

Example: Thank you for your message. Our company policy is to respond to all emails within one business day.

Example: Thank you for your message. Our company policy is to respond within one business day to emails received Monday through Thursday between 8 and 4. Should your email be received after hours, we will respond within the indicated time frame for the following day.

Keep it fun

Example: Hello Friend, Thank you for your message. I would love to say I am hanging out with llamas, building sand castles, or exploring for unicorns. Maybe on my next vacation. Right now, my team and I are away for company development. Your message will be returned on XXXX.

Mandatory Vacations

It may feel like the best approach to get in you time is to take a day here or there, but for longer-lasting results, I recommend taking at least one week off (two if you can manage) to recharge your battery. Just like your cell phone, a 100% charge is best received when connected to the charger for the full amount of time. The same is true for your own internal body.

If you don’t feel like you can leave your business for one week, is there someone in the profession you can rely upon to field calls in your absence and then do the same in return? A business needs to be able to survive without you there 24/7, and a week away is a great way to test its viability. You might be pleasantly surprised at what a strong business you have built and how capable your team is.

Indulge your Passions

Do you have a favorite hobby or passion? Baking muffins, drawing cartoons, or growing a garden? If you aren’t actively doing something, this should be moved to #1. No time to make muffins from scratch; buy a box mix. Cartoons can be doodled on a napkin, notebook, or iPad. If gardening feels too daunting, buy a starter plant. Getting your hands in the dirt can be very healing.

Start small and do something you can do daily or every other day. I love to paint and keep paint pens and brushes handy. Just 5 minutes between calls helps me recalibrate and recharge.

Friend to Friend

I would love to say I practice all of these tips all the time. The truth is that things get busy, meetings can add up, and my ME time becomes a casualty of a busy schedule. Having a list of different ways to love myself allows me to pivot when time is limited or on the go. Even if you only have 2 minutes, you can take 30 seconds, close your eyes, and take some long deep breaths. If you have any favorite affirmations, it is a great time to say them out loud.


My go-to lately…


Sending blessings for an abundant 2023.


With Gratitude,



Robina is a Certified Money Coach and retired CPA.  She works as a guide for people to discover the freedom to dream again by transforming their relationship with money. If you want to know more about Robina, you can visit her at

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