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Bringing the Joy Back Into Your Work Days

Alison Ball
Posted by Alison Ball on Dec 14, 2021 11:41:53 AM

It’s been a rough couple of years and many accounting professionals are exhausted and disheartened. If you find yourself feeling that way, you are not alone. 

You went into this industry to help your clients be more successful and you are GOOD at that. But you find yourself spending your days doing things you never imagined you would have to do and most of it is not fun. Do any of these things strike a chord with you?

  • Having to repeatedly ask your clients to send their documents to you
  • Constant email overload - too much in the inbox and nothing is easy to find 
  • Documents and key information spread across too many platforms 
  • Wasting time downloading and uploading documents 
  • Clients sending you key information in so many ways you want to scream

It's time to challenge the “way you’ve always done things” and set yourself up to have BETTER DAYS. When you are having a great day without frustration and friction, you feel energized and validated. Great work gets done and you are able to really help your clients. You end each day on a much happier note.

Here are a few tried and tested tips that will help you bring more joy into your work life.

Tip 1 - Take all client communications off email.  

Use a secure system that is designed to centralize, speed up, and simplify your most important communications. Liscio is a great choice because you’ll be able to give your clients a super-easy “accountant app” to use to communicate with you. The built-in scanner and auto-reminders ensure you never have to chase clients again for documents you need. And most importantly, staff don’t have to waste time checking emails or searching for items that got swallowed up in an overflowing inbox.

Tip 2 - Create a single source of truth for all client information.

Ensure your staff have access to all client information with just a couple of clicks. Liscio + SmartVault is a good combination because with clients sending documents quickly and all communications centralized in Liscio, SmartVault can be leveraged for organized permanent firm-side storage and it integrates seamlessly with all the major tax packages. And because Liscio is integrated with SmartVault, it's easy and quick to send documents from one to the other, or to clients, with just a couple of clicks. When you have no downloading and uploading, your storage structure becomes very simple and very secure.

Tip 3 - Create dedicated 90-minute work blocks with no interruptions.

Experts recommend 90 minutes because that’s the optimum amount of time an adult brain can focus without needing a break. During these blocks, employees do not interrupt each other’s work, and they save questions until the end of each block. 

Tip 4 - Do the hard stuff when it's best for YOU.

This last tip has to do with how you personally work best. Reserve your most energetic and creative time to do the “hard stuff” and then rigorously schedule your time to allow for that. Ask your coworkers to respect that time - they will!

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