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Woodard Top 50 Client Accounting Services Award Firm Spotlight: Cloud Business Services

Posted by Matt Raebel on Jun 10, 2024 3:00:00 PM

The accounting industry is undergoing unprecedented, rapid change. Between the talent shortage, the constantly changing technology landscape, and clients' shifting needs, accounting and bookkeeping firms of all sizes are evolving, adding additional service offerings and adopting new technology to provide cutting-edge financial solutions for clients.

Enter Cloud Business Services, a CAS practice based in Ontario, Canada. Originally called Cloud Bookkeeping Services, the firm rebranded in 2020 to emphasize its embrace of cloud technology, which it leverages to deliver the exceptional client support that secured its place among the Woodard Top 50 CAS Practices Award in 2023 and 2024.

Personalized accounting services for every client


The company that would become Cloud Business Services was founded in 1997 by Tanya Hilts, who serves as the firm’s CEO to this day. A firm believer in continuing education, Hilts has imbued her firm with an ethos of constant improvement and keeping up with the latest technology, practices, and regulatory and legal updates.

Cloud Business Services stands out in the industry through its innovative use of cloud technology to offer cloud-based, real-time CAS services tailored to its clients. Their offerings include personalized consulting services that help to “demystify” cloud technology for client firms, in addition to providing strategic guidance, payroll services, tax preparation and compliance, and bookkeeping services. As an accounting firm that singularly embraces cloud technology, it also takes security seriously; each of its five team members has completed a digital security course to ensure adherence to cybersecurity best practices. The firm also offers other security measures to ensure the safety of its clients' information.

Reflecting on the award, Hilts said, “winning the Top 50 Client Accounting Services award for the second consecutive year is truly an honor for us at Cloud Business Services. It signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This recognition reinforces our dedication to providing top-notch accounting services and highlights the trust our clients place in us. We're thrilled to receive this award and remain committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients.”

Celebrating achievements at Scaling New Heights

Joe Woodard, founder and CEO of Woodard®️, emphasized the importance of adapting to the profession's significant disruptions and innovating and paving new pathways to support and transform business clients. With its innovative approach and commitment to clients, Cloud Business Services has done just that. 

The Woodard®️ Top 50 Client Accounting Services Practice Awards‘ rigorous evaluation process involves an expert panel of external consultants and Woodard's own team of bookkeeping and practice coaches, ensuring that the award truly recognizes the industry's top-tier performers. 

As we celebrate Cloud Business Services’s accomplishments, we look forward to seeing what unique innovations this firm brings to the industry in the future. 

Learn more about their commitment to clients, innovative approach to supporting businesses, and hardworking team here.

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