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Woodard Members Shine in the Top 100 ProAdvisor List 2024

Heather Satterley
Posted by Heather Satterley on May 14, 2024 7:16:19 AM

The Woodard®️ community proudly celebrates the achievements of its members who have been honored on the prestigious Top 100 ProAdvisor list for 2024, as announced recently on Insightful Accountant. This accolade underscores their exceptional expertise and dedication to leveraging Intuit's QuickBooks platform, demonstrating both technical proficiency and an outstanding commitment to client service.

This year, the recognized Woodard members on the Top 100 list are:

  • Rachel Barnett
  • Janice Barsalou
  • Megan Bronson
  • Debi Choi
  • Susan Cook
  • Jeremy Craig
  • Wendelyn Duquette
  • Terumi Echols
  • Stephanie Elia
  • Sharrin Fuller
  • Kathy Grosskurth
  • Robin Hall
  • Pat Hartley
  • Mario Hernandez
  • Wayne Higdon
  • Christine Hoke
  • Ed Jaworski
  • Caleb Jenkins
  • Carrie Kahn
  • Alicia Katz Pollock
  • Wendy Kelley
  • Debra Kilsheimer
  • Michelle Long
  • Laura Madeira
  • Juliebeth Malone
  • Michael McClellan
  • Melissa L Miranda
  • Patty Mory
  • Kimberly Noh
  • Laurie O'Neil
  • Elizabeth Lisa Pierpont
  • Susan Pruskin
  • Sheri Radler
  • Caren Schwartz
  • Jeff Siegel
  • Stephen Smith
  • Pam Stocks
  • Monique Swansen
  • Kathy Tighe
  • Haiden Turner
  • Sharon Vetsch
  • Dominique Waits
  • Beth Whitworth
  • Michelle Wiseman
  • Kathy Zaroczynski
  • Andrzej Zarycki

These distinguished members have showcased an exceptional blend of innovative practices, continuous professional growth, and unwavering dedication to improving the financial health of their clients' businesses. Their recognition is not just a personal achievement but also affirms Woodard's core mission to empower accounting professionals through education, community, and advocacy.

Additionally, we celebrate three Woodard members who were named to the "Top 25 Up-n-Coming ProAdvisors" for 2024, highlighting their emerging talent and promising futures in the accounting field:

  • Michele Ball
  • Nikki Mullins
  • Sandy Petty

The Top 100 ProAdvisor awards are determined through a rigorous evaluation process that includes peer voting, client feedback, and independent judging. This ensures that the honorees represent the best in the industry. 

Winners will be celebrated at the Scaling New Heights conference at the Orlando World Marriott this summer. In addition to the Top 100 ProAdvisor and Top 25 Up-n-Coming ProAdvisors, Insightful Accountant will announce the 2024 Categorical Winners during an awards presentation on Monday, June 17, 2024.

As we applaud these remarkable professionals, we also encourage our community to continue pursuing excellence and innovation in accounting. Let's extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our Top 100 ProAdvisors and the "Top 25 Up-n-Coming ProAdvisors" for 2024. Your dedication, passion, and hard work not only contribute to your professional success but also significantly elevate the standards and capabilities of the accounting community as a whole.

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