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Woodard®️ Top 50 Accounting Services Practice Award Firm Spotlight: Mavency

Heather Satterley
Posted by Heather Satterley on Sep 5, 2023 12:15:46 PM

In the competitive landscape of accounting services, the Woodard®️ Top 50 Client Accounting Services Practice Awards are a beacon of excellence, innovation, and commitment to core principles. Today, we turn the spotlight on Mavency, one of the 50 winners of the 2023 awards, recognized for its dedication to intentionality, specialization, efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, and scalability. 

A Journey Towards Excellence 

Founded by Veronica Wasek in 2010, Mavency is more than just an accounting firm; it's a team of mavens, experts, and problem-solvers with a passion for elevating businesses. With a specialized focus on e-commerce sellers and bookkeeping professionals, Mavency has carved a niche for itself, offering strategic partnership to help businesses set up, organize, and streamline their finances.  

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The Mavens at Mavency understand that numbers and dollar signs can be overwhelming for online sellers. That's why they are committed to supporting businesses so they can flourish without taking their eyes off their genius zone. Their services are designed to make businesses profitable and sustainable, reflecting their core values of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Celebrating Achievements at Scaling New Heights

The annual Scaling New Heights® conference serves as the stage where the winners of the Woodard®️ Top 50 Awards are announced and celebrated. Joe Woodard, founder and CEO of Woodard®️, has always emphasized the importance of innovation and adaptation in the face of professional disruptions. 

Mavency's innovative approach and unwavering commitment to clients resonate with this ethos. Veronica Wasek's heartfelt words about the award echo the transformative impact of this accolade.

"Winning this award is the ultimate recognition of all the hard work that my team and I have put into making Mavency what it is today. It is a huge honor," -Veronica Wasek, CEO, Mavency

The team was in attendance when the award was announced and celebrated their achievement at the conference-wide prom social in St. Louis this past June. 

A Commitment to Top-Tier Performance 

The Woodard®️ Top 50 Accounting Services Practice Awards are open to all sizes of accounting services practices. The evaluation process, marked by rigor and expertise, involves an expert panel of external consultants and Woodard's own team of bookkeeping and practice coaches. This ensures that the award truly celebrates the industry's top-tier performers. 

Mavency's accomplishment is a shining example of what dedication, innovation, and excellence can achieve. The nomination period for the 2024 awards will commence on August 1, 2023, and close on December 31, 2023. This opens doors for other innovative firms to step into the limelight. 

If you believe your firm embodies the principles of the Woodard®️ Top 50, or if you know a firm that deserves recognition, seize the opportunity. Nominate them for the 2024 award and let their hard work and innovation shine. Visit Woodard's Top 50 Accounting Services Practice Awards for more details about the award and the nomination process. 

Discover how Veronica Wasek and her team at Mavency are redefining excellence and innovation in accounting by visiting their website at

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