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Why I Am Excited About SNH21:  The Client Experience 2.0 Track!

Alison Ball
Posted by Alison Ball on Sep 16, 2021 12:12:32 PM

As I write this, my team is putting the final touches on the new Client Experience 2.0 Track of classes that will be featured at Scaling New Heights in October 2021, and it is getting really hard for me to contain my excitement!  

I love Scaling New Heights for so many reasons! I used to measure my days at SNH by how many hugs I got while walking the conference halls and while COVID precautions may dampen the actual hugging, I can’t wait to see all the smiles and greet everyone in person again. Scaling New Heights is a place to meet friends in person, to learn with each other, to share best practices, and above all, to have FUN.

Perhaps the biggest thing about SNH is the array of classes you can choose from. There is something for everyone, no matter the size of your firm or the type of work you specialize in. But one thing is true for most of you - you can only work your magic for your clients if you have all their documents and information at hand. This is something that the Liscio team knows a lot about and we continue to create solutions to help practitioners get their clients to respond on time and the first time you ask. 

Earlier this year, when Joe Woodard, Elizabeth Colley, and I sat down to plan the Client Experience 2.0 track, we talked about the biggest challenges that attendees are having and set out to create a set of courses that would help address those challenges. Specifically, firms are spending an inordinate amount of time having to chase down documents from clients, and then having to search in way too many places for documents, and it's leading to a lot of stress and late nights.

Our shared goal is to empower firms of all sizes to differentiate themselves from their competitors, reduce stress, and ultimately make more money (yes, I said it!), by changing the way they interact digitally with their clients. 

Client Experience 2.0 is based on a simple premise. If you make it drop-dead easy for clients to work with you digitally, they will not only respond quickly to your requests, but they will send their documents on time and on the first request. Staff can then spend their valuable time actually working on their clients’ books or tax returns, instead of chasing them for documents and searching. To make this happen, most firms need to change the way they ask their clients to send documents securely to the firm. Instead of using email plus a link to a portal (everyone knows these methods don’t work because it's too easy for clients to not respond) CX 2.0 firms give their clients a delightful “accountant app.” So there is a mindset shift that is required and these classes are a mix of mindset and tech and practical application.

Perhaps the best part is that the tools recommended in this track are affordable, simple to roll out, and they work with literally every existing software you use in your practice. Once you understand the principles of CX 2.0 and the tools that are available, it's a pretty easy hop, skip, and jump to roll it out!

The track is made up of six courses plus a new Client Experience 2.0 certification exam that can be taken at Scaling New Heights, or after the conference is finished.  

We hope you will join us in these classes, and consider taking the optional Client Experience 2.0 Certification Exam at the conference. Once Certified, you can proudly display your CX 2.0 Badge on your website. As the CX 2.0 brand grows, we expect clients to seek out this certification because they know they will have a great experience working with any CX 2.0 certified firm!

Here is the track along with the amazing instructors.  

  • Client Experience 2.0 – What is it and How Does Your Firm Stack Up?
  • Monday, 10/25 at 8:00 am - Lynda Artesani presenting

  • Tools, Technologies & Processes – The Client Experience 2.0 Recipe 
  • Tuesday, 10/26 at 8:00 am - Randy Johnston presenting

  • Streamlining Your Client Clean Up Projects – The Client Experience 2.0 Way
  • Tuesday, 10/26 at 8:00 am - Michelle Vilms presenting

  • Your Firm’s Client Experience Starts with You
  • Tuesday, 10/26 at 5:20 pm - Andrew Wall presenting

  • Growing and Staffing Your Client Experience 2.0 Firm
  • Wednesday, 10/27 at 8:00 am - Jina Etienne presenting

  • The Client Experience 2.0 Model in Action (Onboarding with Excellence, followed by Managing Clients in a CX 2.0 Firm)
  • Wednesday, 10/27 at 1:30 pm - 100 minutes - Katey Maddux & Lynda Artesani

Take the Client Experience 2.0 Certification Exam at the conference and save $199!  The exam will be held on Wednesday, October 27 from 4:10 to 5:10 pm.

About Liscio: 

At Liscio, we’re dedicated to the craft of client experience. We believe the right client experience speeds the exchange of data between firm and client, minimizes wasted motion, and creates raving fans. Liscio puts all of the tools clients need to respond quickly right at their fingertips -- including an all-in-one mobile app, automatic reminders, and even a mobile document scanner.  With all client communications and documents centralized in Liscio, it’s easy for staff to quickly see what is going on with each client’s account. And since Liscio is so easy for clients to use, they send documents quickly. No more data silos, no more chasing clients for documents, and no more searching across multiple platforms. To see how Liscio can help you provide a world-class experience for your clients and staff, book a personalized demo.

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