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Refine Your Accounting Firm Marketing Strategy

Morgan Hines
Posted by Morgan Hines on Oct 24, 2023 7:56:52 AM

Do you feel overwhelmed by marketing? You shouldn't have to. What's more, you should be able to trust you've got the right accounting firm marketing strategy and plan to turn what can get very complex into bite-size "to-do's" that create wins for you and your clients. 

Not sure where to start to get there? Take these steps.

Start By Assessing Your Current Accounting Firm Marketing Strategy 

Are your current efforts working? It doesn't matter how innovative a marketing strategy is if it doesn't help you get from point A to B. 

Where do you need to improve? Maybe you're struggling to attract high-quality leads or keep existing clients actively engaged in their financial success. These are both goals that a better accounting firm marketing strategy can address. 

Make sure you've covered the basics: Do you know your target audience? 

For example, do you want to focus on fitness businesses in the Phoenix area? Or maybe private practices in Cape Cod? 

Identifying your target audience (in as much detail as possible) will help you cater your message and gain a better understanding of the services they are searching for.  

Conduct Market Research 

Get a better grasp of what's happening in the market. Use tools like client surveys, reviews, social media, and competitive analysis to gain more insight into your target audience, the competition, and the market as a whole. 

Identify traits, trends, needs, goals, and pain points they tend to share. Your marketing should directly speak to these pain points and the solutions you offer. Seek out the opportunities other accounting firms are missing, and make sure you have systems in place to track trends over time so you can adapt, pivot, and continue to succeed. 

Optimize Your Website to Match Your Target Audience 

Your website should be able to do the things your clients expect it to do. So, the design needs to consider how real people will actually use it. 

They'll want to: 

  • Explore your offerings in a laidback self-service way 
  • Make online payments 
  • Schedule appointments (and cancel them) without having to pick up the phone 
  • Connect with someone via multiple communication channels if they need help and reach a person who is informed about their account and needs. 
  • Reach landing pages that tell them precisely what to do next. 
  • Learn through helpful blogs, videos, and social media content how to fix their financial problems. 

But you need real-time analytics to see how they interact with these website elements, which can seem like a lot to manage, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. There are various accounting firm marketing software platform that make setting up and managing website features like these super simple. 

Streamline Social Media Management 

You've already tried social media marketing, and you feel like you're just talking to yourself. How can you do this differently? 

First, let's be clear: A solid accounting firm's marketing strategy should include a strong social media presence. This is where people go daily to be entertained, share, and, yes, connect with businesses. 

Yet, for a lot of people, social media marketing is intimidating. There's so much happening. How can you gain any traction? 

There are tools that can help you schedule posts across all platforms and manage social media content so you don't have to. You can do more with less and still build a social media presence. 

Place an Emphasis on Client Relationship Management 

When your clients feel heard, they write great reviews and share how fantastic your firm is with people they know. They also stick with you long-term, lowering customer acquisition costs and ensuring your firm's own financial stability. 

So, the truth is this: Taking care of your current customers is the best form of marketing. 

Use software tools to keep your client communications securely in one place, automate document request reminders, acquire signatures, and more. 

Regularly Review and Adjust Your Accounting Firm Marketing Strategy 

To stay competitive and relevant, it’s essential to regularly review and adjust your accounting firm's marketing strategy.  

By conducting routine assessments, you can: 

  • Identify shifts in market trends 
  • Client preferences 
  • Emerging competitors 

This ongoing process allows your firm to adapt, fine-tune your messaging, and allocate resources effectively to ensure your marketing efforts align with your evolving business goals. 

Use Tools and Technology to Refine Your Accounting Firm Marketing Strategy 

Implementing the right accounting firm marketing strategy shouldn't feel overwhelming, and it won't when you use technologies that streamline your marketing and client management process. 

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