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Ready for New QuickBooks Training and Certification?

Cathy Roth
Posted by Cathy Roth on Sep 24, 2021 12:30:42 PM

Intuit has just announced a new training and certification program. Successful completion of QuickBooks certification exams gives you free, priority listing on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory, expanded knowledge and mastery of the products, and a competitive edge. What has been added to Intuit's list of certifications?  

Last month, Intuit Online Payroll Products customers were moved to QuickBooks Online Payroll. Intuit is now offering certification for the QuickBooks Online Payroll product. When you are ready to complete the certification, simply log in to QBO

To prepare for the exam, Intuit has created two training courses. 

  • QuickBooks Online Payroll course
  • Payroll Specialist Fundamentals course

These courses will prepare you for the exam subjects which will cover both product and compliance knowledge. 

If you prefer in-person training, attend Scaling New Heights in Fort Worth, Texas starting October 24, 2021. Four QuickBooks Online Payroll Certification training sessions will be offered on Sunday and Monday afternoons.

Part 1 - Sunday, 10/24, 12:00 PM local: In part one, attendees will learn the fundamentals of being a payroll specialist with a strong emphasis on compliance. Topics covered include payroll accounting, federal and state employee requirements, worker classifications, wages and overtime calculations, employment taxes, and benefits.

Part 2 - Sunday, 10/24, 2:00 PM local: In part two, attendees will learn the necessary steps to choose the right subscription level, turn on and use the set-up wizard. You will also learn how to add employees, including turning on direct deposits and understanding the essential features necessary for running payroll. Additional set-up features, including QuickBooks Time, Autofill, paying contractors, and voiding and deleting payroll checks, will be covered in this section.

Part 3 - Monday, 10/25, 1:00 PM local: In part three, you will develop a working understanding of paying, filing, and adjusting payroll tax liabilities and necessary year-end tasks. Using advanced payroll reports, learners will understand how QuickBooks Time tracking integration, Class tracking, and Projects can generate job costing reports. Attendees will also learn how to track time-off policies, tips, and gratuities and how to offer health benefits, including deductions and contributions.

Part 4 - Monday, 10/25, 4:10 PM local: In part four, you will learn the knowledge needed to become a payroll specialist and support clients using the full features of QuickBooks Online Payroll. Completion of this series along with experience working with QuickBooks Online Payroll will prepare attendees to successfully pass the new QuickBooks Online Payroll certification exam.

In addition, QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification exam preparation sessions are offered at Scaling New Heights. 

Learn more about the QuickBooks Online Payroll training and certification at Intuit's Firm of the Future blog

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