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Cathy Roth
Posted by Cathy Roth on Jun 28, 2021 2:45:40 PM

Intuit recently shared information about enhancements to QuickBooks Payments, updates to QuickBooks Payroll and an introduction to new ProAdvisor training.

QuickBooks Payments

The following features are available in QuickBooks Payments and will be rolled out to eligible QuickBooks Payments customers over the coming weeks. 

  • Autopay and schedule pay: Autopay will allow customers to securely save payment information and set up automatic payments for recurring invoices. In addition, customers receiving a single invoice will be able to schedule payments for a preferred date. Autopay and schedule pay works for both ACH and card transactions.
  • Estimates: Intuit has rebuilt the estimate feature within QuickBooks Payments. The invoicing product experience is being updated to mirror the workflow of the business interaction with a customer. From the time the estimate is sent, the estimates list and activity tracker will provide visibility into the status from when the estimate has been viewed all the way through payment. 

For more information, please visit this Firm of the Future blog article.

QuickBooks Payroll

The following features will be available for QuickBooks Payroll Customers:

  • Payroll for Firm-Billed clients: The update allows you to add and manage a standalone payroll option for firm-billed clients inside of QuickBooks Online Accountant by selecting the payroll option in “Add Client”. This feature also allows you to process payroll for existing clients who no longer use QuickBooks online or to add payroll only clients. For more information please visit this Firm of the Future blog article.
  • Contractor Payments: When this feature is available, businesses will be able to provide same-day direct deposit payments to contractors with 1099 e-filing available at no additional cost. Contractor payments will be rolled out to most accountants this summer.
  • Payroll Tax Center: QuickBooks Payroll now offers a new experience to handle all outstanding payroll tax tasks. The Payroll Tax Center allows users to view, track and complete their upcoming tax payments and filings in two clear tables. 

ProAdvisor Training

Intuit is offering new training for ProAdvisors through the ProAdvisor training tab on QuickBooks Online Accountant. This training is a free on-demand series with 15 hours of video content, including outlining the basics of advisory work, diving into the core of advisory work and optimizing your advisory services. 

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