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New Bookkeeping Awards Program Announced

Cathy Roth
Posted by Cathy Roth on Jun 21, 2022 9:55:46 AM

 A new awards program, the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards, was announced on the main stage of the annual Scaling New Heights® conference. The awards, administered by Woodard™, will recognize and honor those bookkeeping practices that most exemplify the characteristics of a top-performing bookkeeping practice.

Joe Woodard, founder and CEO of Woodard™, said, “Bookkeepers and bookkeeping practices are the backbone of the economy, playing a pivotal role in keeping small to medium businesses running. Unfortunately, there simply hasn’t been a high degree of recognition of their value. Establishing the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards is a way for Woodard™ to identify and pay tribute to those bookkeeping practices that are leading the profession and generating extreme value for their clients.”

Nominations for the awards are now open and will be open until September 30, 2022. Bookkeeping practices of all sizes qualify for this award, from sole practitioners to large practices. Bookkeeping practice owners or team members may nominate their own practices or may nominate peer practices.

On November 1, 2022, the owners of nominated bookkeeping practices will receive an email inviting them to apply online for the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards. The application process will close on December 31, 2022.

Top bookkeeping practices embody these characteristics – intentional, specialized, efficient, effective, profitable, and scalable. Click here to learn more about these characteristics of a top bookkeeping practice here. The application process for the awards will be around how each practice exemplifies those characteristics. 

Nominated practices that complete the subsequent application process will undergo an extensive evaluation led by a highly experienced panel of bookkeeping practice leaders. This panel will be comprised of both outside consultants and Woodard’s own team of bookkeeping and practice coaches, representing 100+ years of collective practice leadership experience.

The awards honor bookkeeping practices rather than individual bookkeepers. Since the way the characteristics of a top bookkeeping practice are expressed changes depending on the size of the practice, the awards are divided into two categories: practices with five or fewer practitioners (including sole practitioners) and practices with six or more practitioners.

For the purposes of this award, a practice whose primary business model is providing bookkeeping services to small business clients is eligible for the award. Bookkeeping firms that provide some tax preparation services qualify for the award. CPA practices or other practices whose primary business model is tax or attestation, with bookkeeping departments, do not qualify for this award. Woodard is planning to launch an award for CPA firms called “Top 50 CAS Practices” to recognize these organizations.

For more information about the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practice Awards or to nominate your own or another bookkeeping practice, please go to

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