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Multiply Your Gains With Outsourced CFO Solutions

Maanoj Shah
Posted by Maanoj Shah on Jun 7, 2024 3:00:00 PM

At some point, all businesses—especially small and medium accounting firms—face a very important question: Should they outsource their Chief Financial Officer functions or keep them within their organization?

Outsourcing your CFO functions offers several benefits. It helps improve financial operations and efficiency, save costs, and provide access to global talent.

During an economic downturn, businesses face several financial challenges that impact their long-term functionality. At times of heightened inflation, they face economic uncertaintys, shrinking profits, and a persistent need for strategic financial decision-makers. For small businesses, hiring a full-time CFO is an expensive and hassle-prone affair.

What is an outsourced CFO?

Just like outsourcing any other accounting function, an outsourced CFO is part of an outsourced firm that examines the activities of the accounting firm with the perspective of utilizing their financial experiences and knowledge.

An outsourced CFO guides the accounting firm like an in-house team member. Their knowledge and expertise also help analyze current accounting trends and forecast future challenges and opportunities.

What factors to consider when choosing an outsourced CFO?

Having a CFO, in-house or outsourced, is critical to your business. A wrong choice in this position can cost your business tremendously. An outsourced CFO knows all about your business and is responsible for planning and managing your finances better. Managing the finances and understanding the nitty-gritty of a business requires special skills. Here are some factors you should consider when hiring an outsourced CFO:

1. Flexibility

One of the key advantages of an outsourced CFO is their ability to combine expertise with flexibility. This unique feature can empower your business to adapt to changing circumstances and contribute to its growth.

A flexible outsourced CFO can manage various tasks while remaining accountable for the results and can be a game-changer for your business.

2. Time-saving

Your outsourced CFOs should be adept at completing tasks without taking much time. They should be able to prioritize critical tasks and bring immediate changes if the situation demands. The ability of an outsourced CFO to be on their toes helps save time and adds hours to larger needs.

3. Knowledge

It goes without saying that the outsourced CFO should have extensive knowledge in the field. Hiring a CFO lacking a basic understanding and knowledge of their role, industry, regulatory matters, and other such things can be detrimental to the business. From legal to automation and more, they need to know about it all.

Outsourced CFOs should also have tricks up their sleeves to manage financial crises at any point. That is why it is important to choose an outsourcing firm wisely.

4. Multi-tasking capabilities

One of the major qualities that an outsourced CFO should possess is the ability to multitask. No matter what their working arrangements are, they should be able to address several difficulties at the same time. Forecasting business meetings with other C-suite members and bridging the gap between the associates are examples of things they might have to multitask. Management is a skill; you should find someone who excels at it.

Why should you hire an outsourced CFO?

Since the CFO has a critical role in your organization, you must pay enough attention to ensure you hire the right one. Once you have found the right match for your business, you can significantly enhance your profits. Here are the top reasons to consider hiring an outsourced CFO:

1. Save financially, grow your business

Imagine how much your firm has to invest in hiring and training an in-house CFO. Accounting firms also have to pay for leave, convenience fees, and other benefits, significantly increasing the company's expenses.

Outsourcing CFO services can help reduce these expenses, allowing accounting firms to allocate those funds in other areas like acquisition, adopting new technologies, etc. For better financial growth, outsourced CFOs should control and monitor the pace of functioning of every department, thus ensuring proportionate growth throughout the company.

2. Get the right financial advice at the right time

Accounting firms can sometimes get stuck with technical glitches and other setbacks at inopportune times. Outsourced CFOs are adept at handling situations like these, helping companies overcome tricky technical problems and increasing their overall profitability and security.

3. Streamline accounting systems

The goal of outsourcing your CFO is to work smarter and get your business’s essential tasks done efficiently. This includes fine-tuning your internal financial processes. By outsourcing your CFO services, accounting firms can review their existing processes and work towards finding a solution to streamline them.

CFO outsourcing services are designed to help facilitate accurate data analysis and impeccable cash flow systems. They also help accounting firms manage finances, ensure no pending dues, find smart ways to extend beyond the organization’s budget if necessary, and build a safety net against risks.

4. Gain an additional hand in large projects

An outsourced CFO comes with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. They usually have years of experience handling critical business functions; when hired for your business, they can leverage their skills to meet your needs, helping your firm smooth out different functions in your business.

5. Financial planning and forecasting

Accounting firms usually shell out a lot of funds to hire a CFO who can help with meticulous financial planning and forecasting. This is especially pertinent in times of elevated inflation.

With an outsourced CFO, you can access the expertise needed to develop accurate financial projections. These CFOs anticipate many potentially problematic scenarios that enable businesses to plan for challenges and implement those plans when the need arises.

Accurate forecasts help accounting firms make well-informed decisions, adjust their strategies while there is still time, and allocate resources effectively. Proactive financial planning enhances the company’s ability to adapt to market changes and seize opportunities needed for growth.

6. A pool of fresh insights

Perhaps the best part of hiring an outsourced CFO is that they are not a part of your business's daily operations and functions. This means they can provide fresh perspectives, enabling them to spot both shortcomings and opportunities quickly.

Enhancing your benefits with outsourced CFO solutions

The benefits of outsourced CFO are many. From managing financial risks to creating budgets and forecasting financial trends, analyzing financial data to curating reports that can benefit businesses, and creating strategic plans to enhance financial performance—there is a lot they can do for your organization.

When an accounting firm hires an outsourced CFO for its dynamic and diverse needs, it opens up several beneficial possibilities.

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