Is Your Business in Survival Mode or in a Thriving Mode?

Vanessa Vasquez
Posted by Vanessa Vasquez on Jun 9, 2022 9:45:28 AM

It is clear that we are all survivors. We are survivors because we started our businesses with a dream and we have been able to sustain the main idea, to help people along the way while we provide a service that we love.

Yes, we all start with a huge incentive, the desire to impact the lives of those that surround us and the people so that we can bring a better tomorrow. But what happens during the time that things don’t go as planned, when we believe that we are being bombarded from each angle and we are just exhausted from the moment that we wake up to the following time that we decide to go to bed to kind of rest and open our eyes to know that nothing has changed.

That has been our business and personal life for so many years now, from the time that it was important to create awareness to the time that the only thing that mattered was to survive, and we forgot to thrive.

The main definition of surviving is to remain alive, but to thrive is to grow and progress despite our circumstances. We are all built to thrive, and we can see it because we do anything and everything to make sure we give our best.

And this applies to helping clients get out of that survival zone too. We have seen more businesses fail now after surviving a crisis than during the crisis.

Why is that? Because we as human beings know how to succeed in a challenging situation but once the fire is gone, if we do not have a clear vision, we believe that it is over. Having the correct incentive takes us to places unimaginable.

What is missing?

We are missing the daily reminders, processes, and a clear vision that can help us to take action every time that we think we are not going to make it.

On this journey, you, as well as your clients, will move from a survival to a thriving mode, from a vicious to a virtuous circle. Self-empowerment is a proactive way to a happy, self-directed life, where values serve as the primary motivating factor, values and vision put you and/or your client back into the driver’s seat, keep you focused, and save time and energy.

Using the correct tools enables you and your clients to understand the importance of looking after the business with a different and more exhilarating perspective, realizing that the surviving dimension represents only one part of the process. This may result in the most important shift of your life when you achieve a thriving mode and sustain it.

The first thing that you need to be able to do is to set yourself in a thriving mode so you can help your clients get there. Here are the 3 steps to achieve the first level of the thriving mode:

1. Recognize your Value. Understanding your core value is critical to achieving a thriving mode.

2. Have a clear Vision. Write your vision down. If needed, really examine yourself and rewrite your vision, making sure the vision statement explicitly describes your vision.

3. Take Powerful Action based on your Vision. When you fervently believe in your endeavor, you will develop a culture behind it that permeates through everything you do. Vision paints the picture. Passion fuels the fire. But action alone gives life to your goals. 

I hope you will join me at Scaling New Heights (June 19-22) in my session on this topic. I am looking forward to helping you implement the key elements that separate thriving businesses from those that fail. 

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