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Extinction of the Accounting App

Maria Tanski-Phillips
Posted by Maria Tanski-Phillips on Jan 26, 2021 8:41:00 PM

In this technological age, things are constantly evolving and changing. One minute something is all the rage, and the next … it’s out. One thing that’s being killed by ever-changing technology is the accounting app.  

Although it may not seem like apps are going anywhere anytime soon (and let’s be honest, they probably aren’t), more accounting software users are discovering that you don’t need an app to handle accounting tasks on a mobile device.  

The death of the accounting app is here ... and it's time to learn why. 

  1. Sucks up precious storage

At some point or another, you’ve probably seen that dreaded message on your phone or mobile device. You know, the one that says “Phone storage full. In order to free up space, blah, blah, blah.”  

Sure, your accounting app may seem like a convenience because you can download it straight to your device. But, will you still consider it “convenient” when you see that it’s taking up your storage and preventing you from making other downloads? Maybe even preventing you from using your app? Probably not. 

Instead of wasting your device’s valuable storage on an accounting app, consider investing in accounting software that gives you the ability to access your software account via the web without having to download an app. Cloud-based accounting software (aka online software) can give you the best of both worlds: accurate information and on-the-go access without an app.  

  1. Fewer features

When it comes to apps, sometimes the user has to sacrifice features. The truth is, many accounting applications for devices don’t include all of the features you would normally get when “normally” accessing the software (e.g., via web browser). And you guessed it—this is another reason why you don’t want to waste time using an accounting app. 

Picture this: you spend time downloading your accounting software’s app to your phone. You take the time to log in. You’re so excited to be able to handle your accounting tasks straight through an app. And then … you realize one or more key features you need to accomplish your accounting duties aren’t even available in the app. So, you wind up needing to log in on your laptop anyway. 

Sounds like a pain, right? With cloud accounting software that you can access without an app, you can have a hassle-free way of managing your books and catching up on your cash flow 

  1. Manual updates
  3. Another reason for the death of the accounting app is manual updates. Show of hands … who enjoys taking the time out of their day to update apps? The answer: no one.  

When you use accounting software, you have to sacrifice your precious time to do things like manual updates. And, this is time taken away from your business and/or your clients. 

Every time your app needs something updated (e.g., to fix a bug, release a new design, etc.), you have to update the app on your device to ensure it’s accurate and working properly.  

With accounting software that doesn’t require an app for mobile use, you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do manual updates. Instead, the online software automatically updates everything for you.  

  1. Poor user experience

Let’s face it: apps can be a real pain in the rump for some users, especially if they’re poorly designed. And, a poorly designed app that is hard to use makes it extremely difficult to streamline oh-so important accounting tasks and handle responsibilities through an app.  

According to one study, a whopping 90% of users stopped using an app due to poor performance and user experience (UX). If you’ve ever done the same with your accounting app, you’re obviously not alone. 

To get a (hopefully) better user experience and say goodbye to common app issues like speed and navigation, consider finding a software that doesn’t require a mobile app for on-the-go use. Some accounting software options are specifically designed so you can access your account on your mobile device anywhere, as long as you have internet access. Other accounting software only allows you to access your account on your mobile device if you download the app. 

What’s an on-the-go accountant to do? Cue responsive software design

Have no fear, accountants and business owners. There are options out there that allow you to do your accounting on the go without having to utilize an app. This is where responsive software design comes into play.  

In today’s day and age, responsive design is an absolute must when it comes to accounting software. But, this is something a lot of accounting software options lack. So, what even is responsive design? 

A responsive design’s layout and content adapts based on the size of the screen the software is on. With responsive design, you can easily access information and handle tasks on your mobile device without having to download or use an app.  

Having accounting software with a responsive design can help give you an optimal experience with your software. Accounting software with responsive design lets you access and use your accounting software app-free. And, it mimics what you would see if you were logged into your account on your computer.  

On the other hand, apps aren’t designed to be responsive. You may notice certain content and elements missing when doing certain accounting tasks in an app. And, apps are typically designed to only be compatible with certain operating systems (e.g., iOS app for iPhone). So, the app may not even be compatible with the type of device you have.  

Patriot Software, an accounting software provider, uses responsive design to make it easy to handle accounting responsibilities on the go. Here’s an example of what Patriot’s responsive design looks like on mobile devices: 


If you still want an app-like feel, you can also add your accounting software login page to your device’s home screen for easy access. This allows you to enjoy a responsive design and makes you feel like you’re using an app. 

Looking to kick your accounting app to the curb? Start here... 

Like the idea of getting rid of your accounting app altogether? Want to ditch your app and free up space on your device? If so, consider switching to an accounting software with a responsive design.  

When you use an accounting software with a responsive design, like Patriot Software, you can: 

  • Access your accounting software whenever you want, on any device 
  • Steer clear of taking up phone storage with an app 
  • Have accounting software that automatically updates for you 
  • Have user- and mobile-friendly accounting software 

With these features and more, you can streamline your accounting software like never before. Rest in peace, accounting app. You won’t be missed.  

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