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Sharrin Fuller

Sharrin Fuller
Sharrin Fuller is the CEO and founder of Glass Wallet. After successfully launching and selling her first financial services business, she is empowering business owners across the states to achieve the same level of success as she has. She is a prominent thought leader and speaker for fintech, small business, and the accounting and bookkeeping profession. She specializes in consulting on business strategy, human capital optimization, partnerships, and entrepreneurship. After successfully starting, scaling, and selling her accounting and bookkeeping practice, Sharrin developed the Remote Firm Scaling System and Remote Team Roadmap to help accounting firms position themselves for growth and eventual acquisition with maximum productivity from their teams. Over her nearly two decades in business, Sharrin has also created significant partnerships with payroll, timekeeping, and benefits companies. She is an ADP Advisory Board Member and has consulted with many accounting and bookkeeping practices to help them maximize their financial, operational, and human resources.
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