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Sarah Prevost

Sarah Prevost
Sarah Prevost is the founder of Mintage Labs, co-founder of Create Collaborate, and co-founder of The Proper Trust. Sarah works with her mother at Mintage Labs, and the duo work with clients who prefer partnerships. They build a financial team with business owners and their professional partners. Sarah and her mom, Rosette, use their expertise and organizational skills to support small business clients to develop their firms so they may flourish and become prosperous. They celebrate the financial teams and never focus on the transaction side of accounting for any business. Sarah’s specialty began with construction accounting, and she quickly grew into finding her craft and enjoyment of working with attorneys. She is also a partner with Lynda Artesani in a firm called The Proper Trust, which specializes in migrating law firms from antiquated law firm programs to a modern cloud-based platform. Sarah and Lynda also co-founded The Accountant's Law Lab, a private group for bookkeepers and accountants that want to specialize with working with attorneys or learn the complexities of law firm clients. Create Collaborate (CoLab) is a partnership between Sarah & Rebecca, who take what they do in their own successful businesses and create complete service packages for clients that need it all! We also serve our community with speaking engagements on the topic of accounting. We’ve helped artists to postgraduate programs, local freelancers’ events, and so forth. Originally from Seattle, Washington eventually relocated to Portland, Oregon. Sarah loves to watch her son play soccer, she enjoys baking, and she serves her community by donating time to boards and planning committees for events for local nonprofits.


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