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Ask Robina - January 31, 2023

Robina Bennion
Posted by Robina Bennion on Feb 2, 2023 7:08:29 AM

“Hi Robina,

I am a small business owner and want to move towards a soul-based business. How can I transition to what “I want” to do from what “I have” to do? And still, be abundant?



Hello Danielle –

This question thrills my heart, and I am excited to see more people asking it in the professional part of their life. A book could be written on this question alone, so let’s jump in with both feet and explore what it means to move towards a soul-based business, how to transition into want vs. need, and maintain abundance.

 Soul-Based Business

Ask any of your friends what soul means, and the answers will likely be different for every one of them. My definition of Soul has evolved and continues to with each passing day upon this earth.

What does it mean to you to have a soul-based business?

There is no on or off switch for the soul. It goes with you wherever you go and whatever you are doing. That includes your business. All entrepreneurs are creating a soul-based business and all employees are creating a soul-based career. The question may be presented as to how to create a business whose success is aligned with its soul.

You are the heart and soul of your business. Your values are its values.

Have you taken the time to identify your values? No worries if you don’t. Many entrepreneurs are in the same place. I believe you don’t have to know what they are as much as how they feel. You likely know what it feels like to be out of alignment with your values. Examples are taking the job, going on a date, or saying yes when deep down you can feel it is a no. Making decisions that go against your values leaves a stickiness to the experience.

When you make decisions that align with your values there is seldom the sticky feeling and more of the ahhh feeling.   

In my business, my values (beliefs) are service, independence, imagination, integrity, and power.

What are your top 5 values (beliefs)?

Consistency, Acceptance, Commitment, Development, Creation, Energy, Generosity, Growth, Empathy, Happiness, Knowledge, Joy……. 

The list of values to choose from is endless. If you struggle to identify yours, just think of what you want to feel and/or want to be known for. Better yet, what are the businesses you are committed to, and how would you describe them? 

For example, Farmgirl Flowers is my go-to florist. I don’t know the company's values, but I know the experience of purchasing their flowers for others or receiving them myself. The flowers are always beautiful, the customer service is excellent, they feel like my own personally curated bouquet, and they are an excellent value for the price. 

If you are looking for a list of values/beliefs to get started, drop me a line, and I will send you a list I curated. 

Transition From Need to Want

How would you describe the experience of interacting with your soul-based business? Is it different than what clients, employees, or vendors experience today? If so, is there one small change you can implement today that will move closer to the desired experience? 

There are things we “have to do” in business but these are also things we get to do because we own our own business. You also get to decide how we show up to do them and/or hire someone to handle them for you.

What would you be doing differently if you did what you wanted versus what you believe you have to?

Let’s presume the internal workings of your business are a given, and your question has to do with the work you do and/or who you do it for. When you talk to clients (or potential clients) about the services/product you offer, does it excite you? If only parts of it excite you, what are those parts and why? What parts are you least excited about, and if you “could” eliminate them, would you? What would your dream soul-based business look like and/or offer?

If you are doing work that doesn’t light you up, then it is time to consider a change. Clients can be super awesome, and it is hard to say goodbye. I am not saying you must let them all go. Can you approach a current client with your new offering and share with them how it would fit into their existing needs? When I became a Certified Money Coach I also had a consulting practice, and I was hesitant to disengage with all my clients. Knowing that would put my anxiety meter on high, I opted for the Tarzan method of holding onto two vines at the same time. I took on a new coaching client and released a consulting client. The more coaching clients I worked with and the more confident I became at releasing my consulting clients. 

How would it feel to release one client and make room for a newly aligned client?


Have you shared with your community new offerings you have in mind? If not, I encourage you to share. They already love what you do and are your best place to get support on transitioning.


Here is an example of a message you could send (using my business transition):


Hello Friends – As many of you know, I started my consulting practice after retiring from public accounting. I have been honored to work with many wonderful businesses and support their growth over the last few years. Since starting my own business, I have been asked many times about money coaching. After much consideration, I explored what it would mean to transition into being Certified Money Coach and focus on the behavioral aspects of money relationships. Effective the first of the year I will be accepting new clients for……..


The point here is to take action that moves you toward the desired result, no matter how big or small. Slowly or quickly, phase out the actions that keep you where you are or moving in the other direction. Taking one small micro-action each day or week will result in a transformed business and client experience.


When I see the word abundant, it is usually linked to financial abundance. However, I believe abundance comes into our lives in many forms. Aligning the soul of your business with its success will create an abundance of time, energy, joy, and wealth.   

Is it possible that your business being focused on what you “have to do” versus what sparks joy is actually keeping you from abundance?

What makes you believe you won’t have an abundant soul-based business?

In my experience, the more aligned one’s business becomes with its mission, values, and beliefs, the more wealth is created and the happier they were in the process. People likely love working with you because of the unique gifts your add to the equation. Maybe Tarzan the releasing of a false belief of how you should do business and grab onto a new belief around how you feel business should be done. You became a business owner for a reason. Make it your own. 

As a business owner (regardless of size), the soul of a business is what keeps it thriving. Don’t shy away from your values or worry about what people might think. Everyone you meet is an opportunity to practice sharing your values (code for soul) based business, and is okay if not everyone is drawn to it. You want to attract aligned relationships and not every relationship. Take it a day at a time and celebrate all the big and small wins. I am guessing you are closer to the desired result than you realize. People often know you are a soul-based business even before you proclaim it. Stand confident in what you are offering and the direction you are going. The abundance will follow in more ways than you can imagine.


Do write back and share your progress. Until we meet again.


With Gratitude,


Robina is a Soul, Self, Wealth Doula, Certified Money Coach, and retired CPA.  She works with leaders, companies, and business owners to align goals with reality and transform their relationship with money. If you want to know more about Robina, you can visit her at 

Do you have questions about business, navigating a career, how to create work/life alignment, money types, and mindset, goal setting, mid-life career changes, or curious about mindfulness?  Soul, Self, Wealth, Relationships, and Spirituality too?  Yes. Business is more than employees, technology, and deadlines. If it is important to you and you want to find a way to incorporate it into your business/career or are curious about what that looks like.  Submit your question to Ask Robina HERE!


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