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8 Things to Minimize Disruption When Moving Your Business

Sharon Redd
Posted by Sharon Redd on Aug 25, 2022 7:20:28 AM

Although moving your business can be very exciting, you might fear how this transition will disrupt your operations. Moving is never simple, and you want to make sure that your business remains productive both during and after the move. However, if you follow these eight helpful tips, your business move could be a breeze.

1. Be Proactive

You should start planning well in advance for this move. Each stage will take a certain amount of time, so organization is essential. Create a checklist of everything that needs to be done, consulting everyone involved so that you get the full picture. If possible, try a staggered approach, where you move non-essential things to the new location first to make the final move easier.

2. Optimize Your New Space

CentoMoving suggests identifying why you’re moving in the first place. Are you breaking into a market or simply relocating? That reason should inform how you'll organize your new place. For example, if you're relocating because your current space is cramped, put extra time into mapping out the new space so that maximum efficiency is achieved.

3. Budget

Your move won't go anywhere if you're not prepared for it financially. Whether you want to buy or lease a property, you need to have a firm grasp on your finances so that you can cover both the moving expenses and any associated rent or mortgage payments. Otherwise, the move could be halted midway. Start generating financial projections months in advance to create your budget.

4. Delegate

You can’t do it all yourself. Luckily, delegating actually empowers workers. Research cited on shows that employees you delegate work to are 4.2 times more likely to go above and beyond, so seek out the help of your employees to keep up productivity.

Need to register your LLC in your new state? Instead of doing the legwork on your own or hiring an expensive attorney, use an online formation service to form your LLC.

5. Incentivize your workers

If you can't delegate, at least encourage your employees to work hard. The quality of work conducted by your employees determines how successful your business is, so incentivize your employees without breaking your own budget. This could include giving workers extra vacation time, offering coupons and gift cards, or throwing them a party for staff appreciation.

6. Inform Your Customers

Customers, especially loyal customers, are your source of revenue. Without them, you will certainly experience major disruptions to your cash flow, so communicate with them about the move. You can do so by updating your website, adding posts to your social media accounts, and putting up signs to advertise the changes.

7. Know When to Change Your Address

Do you work with vendors, distributors, or others you expect deliveries and mail from? Are you making automatic payments with a lender? Maybe you need to change your address for tax purposes. Whatever the reason, make sure you stick to your timeline so that you know who to contact when your address temporarily or permanently changes. Missing any important deliveries could cause disruptions to your operations.

8. Hire Professional Movers

When you're ready and have to move quickly and efficiently, consider hiring a moving company. A reputable business can help cut your timeline down significantly. Take the time to research local moving companies and get a few quotes. Reading up on customer reviews is a great start as you pick a few to evaluate, as you’ll learn how reputable and reliable they are.

Even though moving is often stressful, you can still move efficiently by planning ahead, sticking to a timeline, and having a strong team by your side. This way, your business can still flourish through a transition.

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