The 'Appy Hour Joining The Woodard®️ Ideal Practice Symposiums

The Woodard Report Team
Posted by The Woodard Report Team on Sep 5, 2023 12:18:30 PM

In a collaboration that resonates with innovation and creativity, Heather Satterley and Liz Scott of The 'Appy Hour are set to join the Woodard®️ Ideal Practice Symposiums this fall. They will be broadcasting live from each event during an exclusive 'Appy Hour cocktail mixer. This special event will feature an "App Showcase," highlighting innovative accounting solutions and a lively discussion on top trends in the accounting technology space. 

About the Ideal Practice Symposiums 

The Woodard®️ Ideal Practice Symposiums, scheduled for fall 2023, aim to help accounting professionals design a comprehensive practice advancement and modernization strategy using "Woodard's Ideal Practice Model™." This two-day training experience offers engaging sessions, assisted by Woodard coaches and successful practice leaders. 

What to Expect 

  • EDUCATION: Gain invaluable insights and strategies through engaging training sessions. 
  • COACHING: Collaborate with Woodard coaches and esteemed practice leaders throughout the symposium. 
  • WORKBOOK EXERCISES: Engage in hands-on workbook exercises to apply what you've learned. 

The symposiums will utilize Woodard's Ideal Practice Model to enhance productivity, adopt cutting-edge technologies, modernize client interactions, streamline operations, and foster a strong team culture. 

Ideal Practice Symposium Locations 

  • NOVEMBER 6 - 7, ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Experience the vibrant culture of Atlanta at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. 
  • NOVEMBER 9 - 10, AUSTIN, TEXAS: Immerse yourself in the Live Music Capital of the World® at the Cambria Hotel Austin Uptown. 
  • DECEMBER 4 - 5, MOUNT LAUREL, NEW JERSEY (GREATER PHILADELPHIA): Discover fascinating museums and vibrant parks at The Westin Mount Laurel. 
  • DECEMBER 7 - 8, COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA: Explore the beauty of Laguna Beach at the Costa Mesa Marriott. 

The 'Appy Hour Collaboration: App Showcase and More 

The collaboration with The 'Appy Hour brings a unique and exciting dimension to the symposiums. Heather Satterley and Liz Scott will not only provide engaging discussions on accounting technology and no-code automation but also present an exclusive "App Showcase" during the cocktail mixer. This showcase will highlight innovative accounting solutions, offering attendees a firsthand look at the latest tools and technologies shaping the industry. 

The Woodard®️ Ideal Practice Symposiums, featuring The 'Appy Hour, promise an enriching experience that combines professional development, cutting-edge insights, and engaging entertainment. Mark your calendars, and get ready for an 'Appy Hour like no other! Visit the official website for more information and to register.  

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