Assessing the Needs of Accountants and Bookkeepers

Keith Bateman
Posted by Keith Bateman on Jun 10, 2021 9:37:47 AM

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we do business, as well as the role that accountants and bookkeepers play in the lives of small business owners. More businesses are transforming the way they view their relationships with their accountant and bookkeeper and what that means for the future of their firms. This change in attitudes and evolution of the accountant’s place in the business cycle has the industry wondering where the future lies and what people need to know and do now to prepare for it. 

So, what’s next for accountants and bookkeepers? How can you best prepare now to succeed in the next wave of accounting? 

These are the questions that lots of accounting and bookkeeping professionals are asking. In a time of uncertainty, we turn to data to help us better prepare our partners for the future. Unfortunately, data often leaves many questions unanswered. To help fill the gap, we spoke with multiple accountants across the globe to discuss the future of the industry and how they are preparing to better tackle the newly surfaced needs of businesses. 

Dext interviewed 30 accounting and bookkeeping professionals worldwide to better understand the industry’s future and what accountants need to know to make an impact within the businesses that they serve. 

Hearing from other accounting and bookkeeping professionals may just be the spark of inspiration you need to transform your business and exceed expectations this year and beyond. 

Discover the insights from interviews with American professionals and uncover what they’ve done to prepare their firm for what’s next in accounting.

This report details

  • What American accountants and bookkeepers need to know about the future of accounting
  • What firms are doing now to prepare for new business models
  • What role technology will play in the new economy

Topics: Modern Bookkeeping


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